Munro’s, Glasgow West End

We were invited the try Munro’s on Great Western Road recently. If you know the area, you’ll know the infamous Captain’s Rest closed down last year. After a huge refurbishment, it reopened as Munro’s, marketed as a craft beer bar – the current beer trend going around Glasgow (and the rest of the world!). They have a rotating beer list which means there is always something different to try.

When we walked in, I couldn’t believe we were in the same building as the Captain’s Rest. I’d visited the former site frequently – I loved their pizza deal, and they had some good gigs in the basement area below (this space is now the toilets). Munro’s is completely different – the layout and design have all been seriously updated, as well as some huge windows installed so the place is now bright and airy. There are heaps of different dining spaces for a bite to eat, as well as standing barrels for downing pints.

We started off with a couple of drinks – I had a glass of pinot grigio (£5.60 for a large glass) and Graeme had a pint of Pacer Pale Ale while we looked over the menu. I’d describe the menu as beer food – foods that are good to accompany a pint (or a few!). It is also pretty cheap! It ranges from beer bite buckets (all under £4.50), sharing boards (under £12) to pizzas (up to £9) and then hotdogs, burgers, fish n chips and chilli.

We decided on a few starters to share:

Whitebait with lime and tartare sauce £4

Mushroom Rarebit on toasted farmhouse bread £4

Firecracker chicken wings £4.50

We decided on the above for our starters. The whitebait was super hot and crispy, just the way whitebait should be served. I also really loved the rarebit – a good balance of cheese and mushrooms. I wasn’t a fan of the chicken wings because of the sauce – I really don’t like anything that is barbecue flavoured. I hadn’t realised from reading the menu that it was a BBQ sauce with the name firecracker but I know for next time! Graeme did really like these though so it’s just down to personal preference.

Meat feast pizza

Chilli Dog £7.50

Jalapeño poppers

Selection of sauces

Graeme went for pizza for his main, whereas I thought I’d try something different and have a hot dog. The jalapeño poppers were good although a touch on the too-hot side for me – they were also filled with cheese which was a nice touch.  The hot dog was good – a standard hot dog in a soft bun with fried onions. The fries had a nice crunch to them without being oily and were really fresh. Next time I wouldn’t get the chilli with the hot dog – again, down to personal preference. Graeme’s meat feast was incredibly meaty – just check out the photo! The crust was super thin (just the way I like it) and loaded with topping – as well as being generously sized.

This is a really nice, welcoming, warm bar. If you’re a beer lover, you should add it to your must visit places in Glasgow. I would definitely go back to enjoy a pint, and it’s nice to know a beer bar serves good, cheap food in case you need something to nibble on. The service was super friendly without being imposing, and it was pretty busy on a Wednesday night – nice to see the locals checking out the refurbishment!

We dined at Munro’s as guests of DADA PR and were not obliged to write a positive review.

4 thoughts on “Munro’s, Glasgow West End

  1. Fraser Boag says:

    I have to say, that food looks absolutely sensational – particularly those jalapenos! Exactly the kind of simple, tasty food I love to eat.

    I was really sad to see the captains rest go under though. That really was a bit of an institution which, yet again, has been replaced by a G1 effort. They make good pubs, but we need more independent joints!

    • Briony says:

      Thanks for your comment Fraser! Munro’s is actually part of the Maclay Inns chain (The Lansdowne, Clockwork, Three Judges). So not G1, still part of a chain but at least quite unique as far as a chain pub goes.

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