Bo’Vine, Glasgow West End

It’s been a while between posts! Sorry for the lack of content recently – life has gotten in the way. Thankfully I have a huge back-load to post over the Christmas holidays so prepare to be inundated.

We had dinner at Bo’Vine a while ago, and had a lovely time. We had been meaning to go to Bo’Vine ever since my first trip to Byres Road (probably in April 2009 – so quite a while!) as I thought it looked like an interesting place from the outside, and I love steak. We finally made our way there and were greeted by some seriously friendly staff members.

This restaurant is attached to the Hilton Byres Road, although I don’t think it felt like a hotel restaurant in any way. We had a drink before hand in the bar next door which was a nice place to start (although it was incredibly quiet the night we were there!).

We ate:

Carpaccio of Perthshire Venison, pine nuts, Parmesan, pickled wild mushrooms, Sloe Gin Shot £7.00

This carpaccio (hidden under the salad) was very generous and delicious. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the shot, so I handed that over to Graeme to drink. I think it’s hard to beat the winning combination of rocket, Parmesan and pine nuts though, so I really enjoyed this starter.

Haggis Bon Bons, Madras fruit chutney, potato & truffle crisp £7.00

All Graeme’s dreams come true? Possibly! He really loved this starter, and I like what I tried of it although sometimes I find haggis a bit overbearing. I loved the crispyness of the bon bons, and the chutney worked really well with it – personally I wouldn’t have tried haggis with chutney before but I definitely will now!

Char-Grilled rib-eye 9oz – £17.00

We both had the same steak, just with different sides. I went for dauphinoise potatoes whereas Graeme had chips, and you can also choose a sauce or another size in the price of the steak. I think £17.00 for a 9 ounce steak is a pretty good price in Glasgow compared to other steak restaurants. Especially when you factor in getting two sides or a sauce and a side!

Dauphinoise potatoes

If I could, I think I would live on dauphinoise potatoes. I loved the cheese oozing off these potatoes and devoured the whole thing.

After eating all that food, we had absolutely no room left for dessert! This was a bit of a shame as there are definitely a few desserts I could have eaten – or even the dessert for two would have been a nice option.

We had a really nice time at Bo’Vine. The restaurant had a pleasant atmosphere with it being busy, but not crowded. I’m looking forward to our return visit to try the great value Market Menu which is £14.50 for 2 courses… or maybe the Lobster & Chateubriand (£85.00 for two) as I’ve heard Michelle from mention! Perhaps that’s one for a special occasion.

Thanks to DADA PR for inviting us to dinner.

9 thoughts on “Bo’Vine, Glasgow West End

  1. Fingers says:

    My visit was very different but not a PR freebie. I thought it was soulless, expensive and dreadful. I did go when it first opened so can only assume it has improved a lot.

    • Briony says:

      Thanks for your post – sorry to hear you didn’t have quite as nice a time as us! I often find places need a little while to warm up when they first open so perhaps that was the reason.

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