Asia Style, Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow

I first heard about Asia Style from Jia Pui Oh! who told me it was his favourite restaurant in Glasgow. This was some time ago and we’ve only just managed to go for dinner. Because of its location (just off the motorway in Charing Cross) it’s not ideally placed for a meal out, but it was still packed when we were there on Saturday night.

If you’ve ever read a review of Asia Style, you’ll always see a comment on the décor. Being from Melbourne I’m used to drab restaurants with outdated decorations and yet amazing food, so I was quite pleased to see it was as kitsch as I expected. The menu is long and jammed packed with different options. I think the best bet is to get recommendations from people who have been as ordering poorly could leave you feeling deflated (as I did!).

For our starter we shared Malaysian pancakes and soft shell crab. Both these dishes were great and I would get them when we go again – the pancakes were that really nice chewy texture and the soft shell crab was spicy, fiery and delicious.

Malaysian Pancakes


Soft shell crab

The mains are where I was a bit disappointed. I chose quickly and went for a dish called something like 3 kinds of roast. Literally, I got a plate of meat. Some of the cuts had small shards of bone and this put me off right away. Some of the meat (particularly the roast pork) was delicious and I really liked it, but I ended up swapping with my husband.

3 kinds of roast
Ginger duck with noodles
This was really delicious but I’m personally not used to meat served on the bone so I struggled with this.
Overall, while we really liked our starters, we definitely didn’t choose the wisest for our mains and are planning to go back for another shot.
Have you been to the infamous Asia Style, and if so, what would you recommend?

8 thoughts on “Asia Style, Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow

  1. Caroline Mary says:

    I live just next to Asia Style! I agree with the 'order wisely' advice – I once ordered some salt and pepper chicken and it was like a big plate of breaded chicken nuggets – very dry! Everything else I've tried has been lovely though – I like the chicken with black bean sauce – and for such a busy wee restaurant, the staff are always friendly and willing to explain things on the menu.

  2. briony says:

    Thanks Jen – I think it was your blog post that inspired me to get the pancakes actually! Thanks Caroline – appreciate the recommendation, now I have a few options of what to order next time.

  3. claire says:

    Just found your blog! Total foodie, recently moved to Glasgow from London and missing the restaurants so working hard to try and find lots of adventurous places up here. Now I'm going to have to lose an afternoon reading your previous posts!

  4. briony says:

    Hi Claire, thanks for the comment – if you want specific recommendations, please let me know and I will see what I can think of! Hope you're enjoying Glasgow so far :)Briony

  5. Glasgow James says:

    Do agree place isn’t ideally located, had to park park my van up near the Glasgow police station. Food was great, service was awesome. Was there for a friends party, introduced and helped with drinking games which made it more personal and took the commercial aspect away. Would go again

  6. Sean says:

    I have to question what you’re doing reviewing an Asian restaurant if bones in a 3 style roast put you off. 3 style roast is a Chinese staple and you’ll find bones in the dish in whichever Chinese restaurant you choose to order it in.

    Asia Style is indeed a great wee restaurant but the prices have increased drastically over the last 6 years. They’ve become quite wise to the gentrified pound they’ve been attracting, and have raised prices accordingly without making any significant improvements to the service, decor or food, and the size of the portions of soft shell crab I’ve been served for £8 or whatever it stands at now borders on ridiculous. These days I’m more inclined to go to a ‘proper’ Asian restaurant like Chinatown (Cowcaddens) where I can sit in a more pleasant environment, get better service and superior food (case in point – cripsy roast pork) for a cheaper price.

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