Latte-Tude, Newton Mearns

Update: Latte-Tude has now closed. 

Excusing the cringeworthy name, we were very excited about the recent opening of Latte-Tude as I am a big fan of eating out at breakfast/brunch (ok, well I enjoy eating out for all meals). Newton Mearns, apart from at the Avenue, is seriously lacking cafés.

We saved our first trip to Latte-Tude for my birthday as we both had the day off, and thought a Tuesday afternoon would be a good time to try it out without a weekend rush. It has a lovely downstairs seating area, with a not-so-attractive view over the carpark. Nonetheless, the environment is relaxed and casual with comfy couches if you are so inclined. 

We ate: 

 Baked potato with cheese, cress & pickle – £5.60
Coronation chicken panini – around £5.00
We also had a piece of cake which sadly I don’t have a picture of, but which was pretty good. 
I really couldn’t fault the food or service as both were excellent. What was disappointing was getting the bill and realising we’d spent nearly £20.00 on a very casual lunch. We had two drinks each (cans of coke are priced around £1.50 each), and the aforementioned cake, but I still rank that as quite an expensive lunch for what we ate.  As a comparison, for the same amount you could have a 2 course lunch with a glass of wine at the nearby Clark & Sons, a couple of pizzas at Il Pavone Sud (albeit without drinks), and its prices aren’t significantly different from the Country Club up the road.  While we might stop off at Latte-tude for a quick coffee and a cake, I think we might go for the better value for money options in the area.

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